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  • I hope the rumors are true, but I've not seen anything official about it.
    in PvP or NO? Comment by Royspi July 2007
  • no im not asking for a beta slot lol.. The point is a lot of people are brekaing the NDA all over. at ign 3 people have been banned for it. Theres several deleted posts here as well.
    in NDA Comment by Royspi July 2007
  • Nope. This ones not gonna replace my G15. Between a G15 and an mx1000 I have so many buttons 
  • I prefer the approach that SOE takes with their station pass over a lifetime sub. Theres only two games I played for over 2 years straight; UO and DAoC. I can see the draw of never having to pay again with lifetime, but with station pass I can play …
  • for such a pvp focused guild I have to ask why not join the FFA server? Other than that you look to be great
  • MMOs arent hard. Whatever you pick you'll be fine as long as its fun to you.
  • Its only speculation but probably from raiding your enemies capital city.
  • edit: misunderstood op
  • Originally posted by kovah Yeah, many have looked like that. http://www.flyinglab.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24158 ^ That one has British > French/Spanish > Pirates though when you add up all the numbers.  The other poll on those forums ha…
  •   Originally posted by Ibacai   Originally posted by Royspi From the polls across many websites the bad guys are going to over populate. more people want to play orcs and chaos than any other class. Dwarves and high elves will be the least p…
  • Theres a lot of people digging their hands into the MMO profits. Lesser known or even medium sized MMOs need that money. WoW is a huge exception though I think and they are making money hand over fist. Most MMOs don't break even from their inital in…
  • Build a new gaming rig for the upcoming titles  If no.. then I'd say Xbox simply for the variety of games it has. I do have a ton of fun with my friends Wii though.
  • they've said that they don't want people to control am enemy capital forever. the longer you control an enemy capital the harder it will be to hold it. Reversely it will become easier over time to retake your own capital if its in enemy hands. The c…
  •   Originally posted by maszen Wow..... I'm shocked by the amount of response so far.  This has been ideally what I was looking for.   I really do appreciate everyone's time and wisdom. The whole PVP vs. PVE makes much more sense.  Your posts he…
    in Why PVP? Comment by Royspi July 2007
  • why pvp? Its a rather un tapped market currently. Many games have PvP, but very few focus on it. what makes people better? It depends on the game. some games are incredibly gear centric(ala WoW), and those players with the gear are the best. A…
    in Why PVP? Comment by Royspi July 2007
  • i never liked those sites. Theres alot of things a test like that can't simulate when compared to actually playing the game. theres a lot of cool new technology coming out though so I think I'll be building a new rig at the end of summer. I should…
  • try EQ2. Otherwise wait and twiddle your thumbs with the rest of us 
  • the golden age of Ultima Online is still the most fun I've ever had pvping in game. DAoC was great and RvR was new and intersting. WoW pre-bg was fun (i liked honor when it meant something), but i think thats also because no one had any raid gear. L…
  • EVen if the kids were vandalizing it theres plenty of crap going on that the cop had no right to do. First of all like the above poster said they didnt get their rights read to them. Second, only one of them resisted. Third, lol.. fat cop couldnt ca…
  • xp had problems too at first
    in cant wait Comment by Royspi July 2007