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  • I think questing and instancing killed grouping in mmos. I loved EQ and DAOC camelot's dungeons were you would group with a few strangers and kill a few mobs for a couple hours. I can't stand "WOW"  style questing we need to go back to the open worl…
  • Yep I ONLY play classes that use pets.
  • Originally posted by Evals Comparing Vanguard to EQ2 is like comparing WoW to TBC. I couldn't agree with you more. EVERY detail of the two products resemble each other. When I first logged into Vanguard I couldn't believe how much it reminded me…
  • Wow you raised a very interesting question. I never really thought about how races/ethnic groups and nations interact with one another in game. I think that would be a very interesting social experiment to see race/ethnic relations between in game r…
  • 3 things that I look at in an mmo that are the MOST important to me: 1. Character customization (I want to have multiple options to play my character make that character unique) 2. PvP (It is a MUST and i much prefer open no holds bared pvp) 3…
  • I'm with the original poster anytime I've gotten excited about a new MMO that will be released in just a few months (unlike western mmos which have been in development for YEARS I'm looking at you Darkfall!) they turn out to be crap because they are…
  • I ALWAYS play a support role. I.e. Healers,buffers, and pet classes. (clerics,summoners,etc.)
  • Originally posted by gestalt11 I have said this before; MMO's as a business should be thought of and run as if they were a combination of a bar/dance club/hangout joint and a politcal administration.  All bars server the same liquor and stuf…
  • GW doesn't count as a true MMO if EVERYONE could just agree to this forum trolling would be reduced by 50% at least. That doesn't mean it isn't a good game, just not an MMO in the standard sense. Still though, 100,000 subscribers used to be a mil…
  • Thanks for the tip next time I'll be sure and post in paragraph form:) While the MMO genre is certainly increasing, I highly doubt that MMOs at least in their current form will dominate interactive entertainment. The GTA and Madden gamers out ther…
  • It has got to be Shadowbane FTW. Open PVP was great, but the best part was all the class options. How many main classes like 20 on top of that you could go kill world bosses for runes that gave you new spells and abilities? No quests or any of tha…