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Program to help find others who play at the same hours? (Non-USA RPers, unite...)

ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28
(I'm posting this in "Roleplaying" because being able to team up with particular players regularly is more important with role-playing, so I guessed that this forum might have a particularly high concentration of people who find this problem really annoying and would like a possible fix for it!)

I have an idea for a simple program that I think could be very handy for off-peak roleplayers.  I'd like to find out whether it's worthwhile trying to make this happen, are other people interested?  And, if so, what features would you like to see in it?  If there is interest, then I could see about trying to get it made.  (I say "get it made" because I'd have to find someone to help me with the programming, as there are things involved that would be beyond my very rusty programming skills.)

My idea is to have a program that you could use to record what hours you actually do play a game: for instance, you could set it up to log when you were logged into, say, a particular game or chat channel (for IRC-based roleplaying channels), and it would generate a small graph of what times of day you were most often logged in, which you could then use in a forum signature or anywhere like that.  Then people looking at someone's graph could see at a glance whose hours were more compatible with theirs.

I don't know whether this would be better as an add-on for a particular game or chat client, or a free-standing program which you would leave running continually in the background and would do it.  If it was integrated with a game, there would be a possibility (only if the player enabled it, of course) of arranging it to send the data to the game's website so it would be searchable by others - a player could search for a specified time, or put in their own graph, and the site would list participating players whose hours matched that most closely.

(Sketches of initial ideas:)
Would you use it?  
What features would you like to see?  
All feedback welcome.

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  • SephirosoSephiroso Member RarePosts: 2,020
    edited June 2018
    Not sure if you'll get enough feedback here or not. I suggest making this post on one of Reddits subs. Not sure which. You could try mmorpg or maybe a particular game with a huge audience first to see if you get any bites. I'm sure there's even a subreddit dedicated to roleplayers even somewhere.

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  • ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28
    Thanks for the reply!  I'm not a member of Reddit (and am reluctant to join any more general-purpose social sites like that, because I struggle a lot not to waste loads of time on them!) 

    I misunderstood what you were saying first of all and thought you were saying use Reddit or the forums of a particular game with a huge audience.  Might not be a bad idea actually.  I'm still a member of STO's forums as far as I know, and I also play Renaissance Kingdoms which although small has a very high proportion of British players in the English-language section (we're still outnumbered, I think, but not by very much).  Have to be tactful, of course, to not make it look like spam, which it is in a way but it really is a problem other players might be keen on help with.

    Meanwhile, anyone here have any comments?
    If you write, be polite.
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