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Looking for a casual friendly MMO

SamRFSamRF Member CommonPosts: 4
So a few days ago, I asked you guys what MMO you recommended me, I specified what type of game I wanted to play, though later on I realized I made some big mistakes in my specification, so here's the updated version. I realized that the most suggested games (by far) were Elder scrolls online and Guild wars 2. Which one do you think is a better suit for me? Should I play both? Should I play another MMO? Anyway, this is my edited specification:

MMOs are my favorite genre of game by far. But my work and family life make it hard to commit anywhere near the time I used to have for gaming. I get little chunks of a few hours here or there.

So I need to play very solo and casual friendly MMOs.

With solo, I mean that I don't need to group up and communicate much with people in order to play the game properly. Ofcourse I don't mind dungeons or raids, or even pvp (although I don't like playing pvp) with other players, as long as it doesn't require too much effort and communication.

I'd rather not play a free to play MMO, unless you really recommend it. I just don't like to have the constant urge to spend money on things in the MMO.

Also, I want to be able to just play the game when I come back after a long time, instead of spending much time on remembering combos etc. . If this potentially only applies to a certain class in an mmo, don't hesitate to tell me(which class).



  • ikcinikcin Member RarePosts: 2,322
    GW2 or ESO, both are solo games, without need of grind and grind based competition.
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