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Anyone play?

Gymrat313Gymrat313 Member UncommonPosts: 154
Just curious if anyone plays this game and has some feedback on it. I am thinking of buying it but just wanted to see how peoples experiences have been with it.


  • somersaultsamsomersaultsam Member UncommonPosts: 230
    it is a fun-ish arpg. Nothing special, but a fun, casual game... there really is not much to say about it, it is just a mediocre mmo, like many others. 
  • Bfly2Bfly2 Member CommonPosts: 1
    1st it's EA. But I am quite enjoying this game. I feel it's the perfect mix of a mmorpg and an mmoarpg.

    It's got so many sub elements like housing, sprite system, gathering, gardening/planting, mining, armorsmithing, blacksmithing, alchemy, exploring, hunting, excavating, fishing, in game and steam achievements, crafting, world events, battleground pvp both 1v1 and 3v3 (with more to come plus rankings soon). 

    The dual class system is sweet! with so many skills and so many combo choices of character build it really gives a player the opportunity to strategize competitively. 

    The store is not PTW atm and though of course that could always change I feel like the devs won't lean that way based on their statements of plan.

    The collecting cards dropped throughout the world is fun too (and these are tradeable :). The guild leveling system is engaging. Treasure maps are done quite well.

    Dungeons have many diverse elements like trap doors, and mechanics to understand about bosses/mobs (even at low level dungeons) and how cool that they are randomly generated so it reduces the repititevness of grinding. 

    I plan to hit 1000+ hours in this game and am currently at 500, it's just all around got great features imho. 

    The only bad, is there have been some lag spikes and sometimes the server goes down for hotfixes....but what EA game functions perfectly, nor should it be expected to. 

    The devs are on 24/7 (at least one of them) they have pvped with us, joined comms, been active with the community and even changed the game upon player request. With it being on for $'s definitely worth it imho :) 
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