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IPS FHD Matte LED with NVIDIA G-Sync Technology vs IPS FHD WVA Matte LED Display

drtack1drtack1 Member UncommonPosts: 273
So, buying a new gaming laptop, and curious from everyone else if I should go with the g-sync screen or the WVA screen.

For starters, I have never noticed screen tearing on any of my previous gaming laptops. The price difference is $60 bucks.

Im not worried about 60 dollars, just a drop in the bucket.

Im more curious about the g-sync screen vs the WVA. Any input would be awesome! 

WVA vs non WVA is there a difference on color accuracy? I do work in Photoshop/illustrator alot and would want a more accurate color representation on the screen. 

Thanks in advance!


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