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If you aren't playing LoTRO /moved



  • Professor78Professor78 Member UncommonPosts: 607
    Originally posted by TwilightEdge

    It was fun untill my 1st quest.. go kill some bugs becouse they are evil ==;


    As opposed to?

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  • DibdabsDibdabs Member RarePosts: 3,111
    Originally posted by BamBam021

    You are missing out.
    That's all.

    The game was so similar to everything else I've played it lasted me about 3 days then I erased it.  I'd seen it all before, many times.

  • AsboAsbo Member UncommonPosts: 812
    Originally posted by TsukieU

    The game just always felt way too sluggish for me.
    Felt like I was back playing Everquest and spending 5 minutes to kill one thing.


    Totally agree with your comments i re-subbed for a month and pulled the plug again same olde shit....


  • AxehiltAxehilt Member RarePosts: 10,504

    I think LOTRO wouldn't have wore out so quick on me if the launcher didn't fail to connect (and thus crash) half the time I started it up; and on the times it worked, 25% of the time it would CTD when the actual game launched.

    Because although the game had its faults (fighting mundane creatures all the time; combat not being amazing) it was overall quite good.

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  • june32ndjune32nd Member Posts: 122
    Originally posted by Salio69

    i love lotro, i only stopped playing because i rolled on a low pop server and its hard to get groups for my class. when i go back, i'm gonna transfer to a higher pop server and hopefully that solves the problem. and yea everything WoW has, has already been done in other games. lotro is closer to everquest more then anything. its more focused on group play then soloing like wow.
    lotro is the curently the best linear mmo out, while eve online is the best sandbox mmo.


    I'll give you that LOTRO coulld be currently one of the best linear mmo outs, but EVE being the best sandbox isn't fair cause there is only like 2 sandbox games out there. I know the 2 is an exggeration of how little sandbox there are and personal. I rather play Ryzom than EvE, i can't stand sitting off line most of the time to lvl skills up to than fly around. PLus EvE's combat is boring as fuck. You fly around the target on auto shooting on auto till it's dead.



  • HornsBaneHornsBane Member Posts: 13
    Originally posted by Raknar

    Originally posted by Hyanmen

     I found it to be the most fun wow clone I've played, so I agree :)


    How is it a WoW clone? It has the engine and interface of AC2, which predates WoW. 


    No it doesn't.

  • Harpy_LadyHarpy_Lady Member Posts: 137

    When I first tried LOTRO on my old comp, it looked like mud and was very boring, imo. I tried it again on my new comp and it didn't look like mud - but it was still boring to me. The quests really aren't any different than quests in other games, with the exception of more backstory.

    I really wanted to like it. I am big on PVE and thought I would really like this game, but somehow, I don't.

    Of course, all the issues I had just trying to install the game probably soured me a bit as well. It's something to do with Turbine games as I had trouble installing DDO as well.

  • pit101pit101 Member UncommonPosts: 68

    I tried the trial. It was a pretty good game! There were alot of things I liked about the game.

    I keep hearing good things about it. I might have to go get it....:)

  • DeadeXDeadeX Member Posts: 170

    Depends. If you've already played every quest based mmo like eq,eq2,wow,warhammer etc etc.... then you're def not missing out. I've played em all, including lotro ( got mines of moria expansion too ) and they're all quite similiar.

  • dhayes68dhayes68 Member UncommonPosts: 1,388

    Played LoTRO for bout 3 months. Great game. It looks gorgeous, plays great. Community is on the average more... sane I guess, than most game communities.  The game caters to groups and solo. There is just a TON to do. The PvE is plentiful. Feature-rich and highly polished client. Really just an all around great game.

    Couldn't stay with it for 2 reasons. The lack of opposing player characters in the main game, while probably the main cause of the maturity of the community is for me ultimately too limiting. I don't even like pvp nor am I very good at it, but I like the dynamic in the games I play. Knowing every player I meet is on the same side takes a lot out of the game for me. (Yes, I know there is monster play, but thats more tacked on than part of the game). The other reason, probably the biggest reason I quit was just the way the game is the playing out the string of the storyline. I dislike having the map parcelled out over time via expansions. Also dislike being shoehorned into a story I, and many people probably, am already intimately familiar. Would rather play Middle Earth Online, with the whole map already there, and the timeline beginning just after the events in the books. Give players a chance to play in Middle Earth, not just replay the books.


  • Zlayer77Zlayer77 Member Posts: 826

    Lotro is a nice PvE game, but not so fun if you like PvP.

    But if I had to play a solid fun PvE game I would pick up Lotro before WoW, as I like the Lore better in Tolkiens world.

  • TsukieUTsukieU Member Posts: 559

    My first class was a Loremaster, then I tried a Warden.  I all just felt soo slow, and I didn't care much for the character art or animations.

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  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

     I've been really tempted to come play LoTRO.  I think this month, I am going to subscribe to EQ for the new server, but if I don't find a guild and get settled pretty quickly, I may be playing LoTRO next month. 

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  • RaknarRaknar Member Posts: 192
    Originally posted by HornsBane

    Originally posted by Raknar

    Originally posted by Hyanmen

     I found it to be the most fun wow clone I've played, so I agree :)


    How is it a WoW clone? It has the engine and interface of AC2, which predates WoW. 


    No it doesn't.


    Doesn't what? Have the engine and interface of AC2? Or AC2 doesn't predate WoW?

  • VengerVenger Member UncommonPosts: 1,309

    Good game, they really need to give housing and crafting some developement attention.

  • sevitothsevitoth Member UncommonPosts: 375

    LoTRO is a good PVE themepark quest based game.


    I'm just not into good PVE themepark quest based games.








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  • SkeeterxiSkeeterxi Member Posts: 265

    Couple things kept me from playing LOTRO. I thought the character models were bad, especially human males. I found the combat extremely boring and thought the animations were bad as well. Character movement, felt like my character was sliding and seemed very latency dependant on how it felt /shrug.Though it does many things good it just didn't keep my interest.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 31,073
    Originally posted by Quirhid

    I have two friends who say that it is a waste of my time. No matter how fun the lore might be the game isn't for me. I trust them. I'm still bearing the scars when I didn't listen to them and played Vanguard. I can't believe I actually payed for that sh**!


    Sorry you think that way, Vanguard is a very good game. It has its issues but as I've been playing it more I've felt less and less like logging into LOTRO. The world is exceptional and for the first time I truly understand the difference between having a world and having a themepark world. The difference is palpable if not for everyone.


    As far as LOTRO I think it is a great game but the last Lothlorien update was a bit too sleepy for me. It was needed but I need something mroe than to just maximize my rep or do the lothlorien quests so that I can turn in leaves for things.

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  • John.A.ZoidJohn.A.Zoid Member Posts: 1,531

    I don't like the conbat, movement, character models, animations or the boring classes so I couldn't have fun playing and the PVP sucks.

  • SwampRobSwampRob Member UncommonPosts: 1,003

    I played it shortly after launch for a few months, and I enjoyed it somewhat.  From what I remember:


    - the book quests

    - hobbits seemed very hobbity

    - seeing the towns and characters I remember from the books/lore


    - too many group quests

    - too many elite mobs

    - slooooow travel


    I was also kinda 50/50 on the crafting.   There were things I liked, but often the rare ingredients required a group to defeat yet another elite mob.

    The further I got towards the end game, the more and more I was forced to group, and this is when I found it got similar to Wow, where endgame = raid or die.

    In any MMO I play, if I cannot continually upgrade my character without being forced to team, say bye bye to my monthly money, I'm moving on.

  • DrakkhenDrakkhen Member Posts: 195

    If you haven't played LotRO since it's first 6-8 months, then you haven't played LotRO as it has changed and expanded a lot since then. Combat is quicker now than before, the UI has been tweaked a bit, Fast travel has been expanded making it easier to get around, newbie areas are being restructured to make things a little quicker, and grouping is no longer a real requirement until Endgame (A few Epic quests still need some grouping, but a lot of the content has been toned down).

     And if you want fast combat with a bit of strategy try the Rune-Keeper. It's got to be one of my favorite classes of any MMO.


  • SomeOldBlokeSomeOldBloke Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    I tried it but couldn't find a class I liked.

  • Carl132pCarl132p Member UncommonPosts: 538

    The only thing id be missing out on if I were playing Lotro is trying to solve the mystery of where the fun went. Working through book quests with my friends til around 18 or 19 (don't really remember) then suddenly having it drop me off with no quests in sight and the need to hit 24 before i could get back to the only interesting quests in the game. I even almost got through it because we were a aoe tank healer  threesome and were running through the woods destroying all in sight but that got old way before we got closs to the next book. Theres also something about the UI and how my attack buttons look like no one gave a shit about what they look like that bothers me.

    The overall experience of LOTRO was a good one because in that time i didn't pay for the box or any of the time I used and stopped as soon as it wasn't fun anymore. I missed alot of pretty cool content by not working through that little gap in cool things to do but, with no money involved i have nothing to obligate me to work through it.

  • abbabaabbaba Member Posts: 1,143
    Originally posted by Raknar

    Originally posted by Hyanmen

     I found it to be the most fun wow clone I've played, so I agree :)


    How is it a WoW clone? It has the engine and interface of AC2, which predates WoW. All the so called WoW-clone features that people keep saying LOTRO has were around before WoW. Turbine was one of the inventors of the MMO genre. It is WoW that is the clone.


    It may not be fair to call it a "clone", apart from the obvious high fantasy similarities, but let me tell you my experience with LOTRO:

    I downloaded the free trial and started a Dwarf...after a rather cool intro, one of the first quests I got was: " Go kill Lynxs and gather 10 Lynx pelts." I logged off and uninstalled.

    I've already done that for 80 levels in WoW, I'm not doing it again...especially without the prospect of end game pvp.

  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    I have often said that LOTRO (along with EvE) are the best games we are not playing

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