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What's your favorite class/classes from any mmorpg?



  • DavarienDavarien Member UncommonPosts: 31

    Eq1: i loved this game but, Rogues are my favorite, behind that are rangers, than Necro's. For high levels deffinatly monks, or necros.

    Eq2: Dirge or bruiser for sure

    WoW: Rogue

    GW: Necro


    You catch my drift here.


  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    SWG: Bounty hunter or creature handler

    EQ2:  shadowknight

    WoW: its so hard to choose.   i'd have to say  fire mage (feral druid was close 2nd)

    CoX:  probly my healer (forgot the name of the class :P) he was a little rabbit with pink armour

    Lotro:  again a hard choice.  probly guardian (loremaster and burglar tied in 2nd)

    Guildwars:  ranger



    my all time fav would have to be the fire mage.  just so fun launching a pyroblast followed by a wave of fireballs.

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  • SinentSinent Member Posts: 137

    id have to say druid in eq1 followed by shadowknight in eq1 when faction matterd.

    Some lead and some follow I prefer to stand beside!

  • jesadjesad Member UncommonPosts: 882

    D3 (Dark/Dark Defender) from City of Heroes was my hands down favorite in any MMO ever.  Character was all powerful (on a cosmic Silver Surfer type scale) both solo and in a group but people were afraid to play it because it had a "miss" factor to all it's powers.

  • XhieronXhieron Member UncommonPosts: 132

    Though I didn't ever play one (played Galka PLD/WAR myself), I have to say the single best class of all time is the Ninja tank from FFXI. It amazes me that no one's yet duplicated the concept, much to the dismay of those who have a vision for a true, functional evasion-based tank. Utsusemi is one of the true great mechanics of MMOs, and it needs to be refined and advanced, just like kiting, reverse-kiting, rotting, and stunlocking (least in PVE anyway). Where have all the toys gone? Alas...

    Peace and safety.

  • LukainLukain Member UncommonPosts: 591

    Monk - EQ1

  • KyarraKyarra Member UncommonPosts: 789

    Pre Cu Jedi in SWG (was my fav character of all my games)

    EQ2- Brigand

    DAoC - Necromancer, Skald and Friar

    WoW - Hunter

    LoTR - Captain

  • KRILE0NKRILE0N Member UncommonPosts: 299

    Paladins =)

  • BesCirgaBesCirga Member Posts: 806

    Originally posted by Cooktastico

    lol those are noob classes
    juggy from AC2 FTW.  % damage skills were amazingly overpowered. 
    oh what, boss mob has 10k health? not with this 50% damage chain... lol
    To bad the juggy's % damage capped and where alittle underpowered in PvP, but still a nice class 

    The classes I had most fun with are all from Asherons Call 2 (AC2). I divided them into three categories: solo, PvP & group.

    Solo: Tactician

    Group: Hive Keeper 

    PvP: Berserker / Hive Keeper

    Over the years I have encountered many other classes which i liked , specially in DoAC, but none have had the uniqueness most classes offered in AC2.

  • ChiramChiram Member UncommonPosts: 643

    I would have to go with a three way tie  between Hive Keeper from AC2, Cabalist from DAOC and Theurgist from DAOC.

  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

    Bard everquest 1, magician everquest 1. Monk everquest 2 and illusion/radiation controller in city of heroes. And in wow im going to say magician since he was my highest.

  • ClatilClatil Member Posts: 41

    i'm sad no one has said...

    eq1 shaman

  • MaldachMaldach Member Posts: 399


  • JennysMindJennysMind Member UncommonPosts: 869

    I don't mind playing any class although my favorites are the versatile classes like a Druid in WoW. Or classes that use pets. Although one of the coolest unique classes was the Lugian Tactition from AC2.

  • thej6mthej6m Member Posts: 38

    Yep I ONLY play classes that use pets.

  • KuraidoKuraido Member Posts: 3

    Definetly Shillien Knight from Lineage2. I've played many other classes in different games, and enjoyed them, but this class, this Mage/Tank/Melee/Debuffer/Summoner Combo is fantastic :] (Well many say that there is no such thing as a Tank in a Shillien Knight, but you have to know how to play it)

  • darkisamuxdarkisamux Member Posts: 20

    1)valewalker and 2)bainshee(banshee?) from daoc.

    3) my pre-cu/nge  master dancer/rifleman/hutt pilot.  just fun to play on so many levels.


  • trev9999trev9999 Member Posts: 199

    There shouldn't be a class, it should be the experience enhancement as a whole.


  • darkisamuxdarkisamux Member Posts: 20

    Originally posted by Riverstar

    Pre Cu Jedi in SWG (was my fav character of all my games)

    EQ2- Brigand

    DAoC - Necromancer, Skald and Friar

    WoW - Hunter

    LoTR - Captain



    amen, riverstar. forgot about that one.

    that is what i played in eq2 as well, and loved it. but i quit around lvl46, and left well before any of the expansions or major changes.  talk about a jack-of-all-trades kind of class.  still could out dps people like crazy, while keeping agro low, and mobs impaired. needed like 4 skill bars full of stuff,.. but was still fun heh.   plus being able to whomp annoying people.

  • Swiftblade13Swiftblade13 Member Posts: 638

    I think Vanguard had the best classes of any MMO I ever tried.. I really wish the game itself was better.

    I played a Ranger and a Disciple, absolutely loved both but Disciple was by far the more unique and interesting to play.



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    EQ,SWG preCU,L2,EQ2,GW,CoH/CoV,V:SOH,
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  • Cletus-CyleCletus-Cyle Member Posts: 10


    I tend to roll melee classes over caster classes, I dunno why really.  I've played my share of everything though, from a thief, mage, warrior, pk, archer, etc.

    My favorite had to be the oldschool UO battle mage.  I had always used archery since beta, but when I mixed it with magery and all I was pretty stout, especially with the combos I could pull off.  Those were the good old days.

    I would have to say that my favorite class to play would be any hybrid-type class that fights with both melee and magic.  I was a Shaman in WoW, a Friar in DAOC, Crusader in SB, among other things.

    MMOer since 1997. Beta Tester for UO, DAOC, SB, PS, AC, and WoW. MMO Pro.

  • PerceptionPerception Member Posts: 188

    EQ1:  Beastlord

    AC2:  Elementalist/HammerThrowerGuy (whatever it was called, haha)

    WoW: Shadowpriest.

  • Thunder_HeadThunder_Head Member Posts: 304

    I've played 20+ MMORPGs, and the one that kept me playing the longest was Diablo 2. (Although, it may not be an MMO...) I'd have to say: Paladin, Amazon, Sorceress, Barbarian, and Necromancer. Respectively.

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