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Dream of Mirror Online will ship on this Summer



  • ChainmailChainmail Member Posts: 173
    This game looks good to me too. Not every game can look 3d and super realistic. For anime I think they did very well. From the screenshots it looks like a comic book. I am looking forward to trying it out.
  • chillikingchilliking Member UncommonPosts: 240
    I will play this mmorpg.. and if it sucks i wont play it.... it's so simple ....
  • GalactaLlamaGalactaLlama Member UncommonPosts: 42
    That's right!  If you play it and like it, then keep playing!  If you don't like it, then just quit and let the rest of us enjoy.  One thing that really turns off new players is someone that quits and just rips the game because they don't really like it.   So this is a request to anyone that quits a game.  Please try not to discourage new players from trying it out.  You can point out what you think is wrong with it, but try not to just go off on it.   Thank you

  • RaekRaek Member Posts: 60
    Whats the deal with playing it in USA? What do you mean "ship on this Summer"...

    I personally think it looks real cool and sounds decent as well.  So does any one know of an english site or something?  I wanna try it out...
  • RaekRaek Member Posts: 60
    Gametribe doesn't work for me... whenever I try and create an account, the email they send me never has an activation code...
  • GalactaLlamaGalactaLlama Member UncommonPosts: 42
    Really?  That's strange because the email they sent me had an activation code...

    Anyway though, since Kicks online just got released a bit ago, I think it's safe to say that DOMO will be out within a month's time.

  • XTinTioNXTinTioN Member Posts: 205
    That game seems different........

    I would try that for sure ^^ ....even the graphics being the way i dont like that much....but ill give it a try

    Kicks Online....hope it comes to be a nice soccer game...cuz theres no good soccer online games -.-




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  • RaekRaek Member Posts: 60
    Welcome to GameTribe!

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    THATS the email I get lol. Its just like THIS validation code:

    Same thing happens on Gmail (that was yahoo).
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