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The End of MMOs? Read please, I need your opinion



  • RaekRaek Member Posts: 60
    If Darkfall is released somewhat soon (beta July 15th apparently) and it keeps even just most of its promises, it will be an awesome game IMO
  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,120

    the title doesnt make sense at all..the end of MMo's? well thats jsut like saying the end of automobiles?

    Because theres always new mmo's coming out whether its F2P or P2P, you play em for a while and get tired of it...and its the same concept for cars, you drive it for a while and then buy a new one...then when you feel like switching off once in a while you do it..when you feel like you want to stop playing one of the newer mmo you can switch to go back to one of the older ones you played before, and repeat the process over and over again...

    That's how it is with me personally i still love playing UO and EQ even if I find a new mmo to play, i will stop playing it from boredom and switch back to the ones I played before...UO is still great IMO because it always reminds me of the freedom I have, and there are no other MMO out there that can deliver such experience...There are wannabe mmos out there, but still all other games are restricted to the class you have chosen and the housing design is ALMOST infinite compared to Vanguard's houses where it's already premade...


  • Celer_MortisCeler_Mortis Member Posts: 3

    Laws of economics suggest that a really solid MMO will come out soon enough. WoW is proving there is a huge market for these games, and they don't even have the formula perfected. A huge giant  will eventually catch on and make a great game. I hope. And pray.

    "A relatively small catch"

  • Playerh8erPlayerh8er Member Posts: 62


    There is a viable chance that AoC and War can be busts.They both got the smell of a dumbed down DAoC with modern graphics.If these 2 go to the crapper whats left.


    MMO Seppuku  =P

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