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Great game, terrible grind and the single worst comunity ever!

EleronEleron Member Posts: 12

Ok, first things first, i don't care what any one says, the side scrolling 2-d  anime styla graphics are brilliant . this game was great at first. at the begining the grinds not so bad, but then it gets worse, the whole game is one continuos grind, u lvl up by grinding, u complete quest by grinding,  and thats about all there is too do.  the game lacks extra things to do, and the training eventualy becomes a three day long grind to lvl up, and this eresulted in the haxzor spree. i don't know the exact figures but i'd say well over 75% of ppl in this game use haxs, and due to the low system requirments, small children, who have yet to develop a need for a god pc have acess to it, making the comunity mostly very imature, or rude and agressive. Selfishness is also a plauge, despite haveing more than one person on a map increases the spawn rate ppl will still scream at u to change chanel, or just ks imesly, and if u aks to just share the map 50/50, ur likely to be screamed at to.

And believe me the gms have no controll or care, i was part of the maple story europe beta, after the closed beta we had a pre-opened beta session a wekk b4 every one else could start playing, we were able to remake our charecters, i expected it to take a while for hacks to go into common use, i was wrong. the pre open beta started on 5th and by the 6th ppl were hacking -.-".


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  • Soulblade91Soulblade91 Member Posts: 17
    true the gms hav little control/ do insignificant things to ban hackers. but single worst community...i dont think so.

    ive come across many nice people and some great friends. some ppl r asses but what games doesnt hav those
  • Chase05Chase05 Member Posts: 113
    Thats true, when i use to play this game it was fun and everyone was friendly, but i took a break for a about a 6 month period.

    Then i noticed that the prices have gone up significantly high and all high lvl players like to accuse others of hacking.
  • EricJLeachEricJLeach Member Posts: 53
    Good thing i didnt try out this game. It sounds like it sucks.


  • moogtropolismoogtropolis Member Posts: 23
    i have been looking for a game for myself to get back into. but also a game for my girlfriend so she wont mind when i want to play my games (she can play hers) and i was looking at maplestory for her. but it looks like a joke. i cant even believe its actually a game that went live. let alone the things ive been reading about it. grinding is just about the way you level on any game. but if theres nothing else to do then it lacks any sort of "get away" if you cant get away from the grinding, you are bound to get sick of it sooner or later. any suggestions on a game my girlfriend might like?  she's never played anything except a web based game called Gaia online

    starting from... Ultima Online, Odyssey Online Classic, Diablo, Faldon, EQ, Darkage of Camelot, Diablo II, EQ2, World of Warcraft, FFF, whats next for Moog? (trying EQ2 again...!)

  • cybernet213cybernet213 Member Posts: 5
    I used to like this game. I had so much fun with it, playing it for 4-6 hours every day. After a while, the game started to get worse. It was impossible to grind for me at level 32. (Fox214) I thought you could get more experience by doing quests, but I was wrong, and when I die, I lose a day's worth of EXP T.T

    Community = Horrible. So many vac-hackers, jump-hackers, god-hackers... You name it. It seems EVERY channel I try I find 2 or more hackers each time Everyone also tries to scam and flame each other.... It was a huge mess. My friend online converted to hackerism, and was also flaming me.... It was so sad

    Oh well :P
  • 12month12month Member Posts: 5
    I liked this game too for a while in the beginning, then yes, the unending grinding, hackers, and gm's that didn't really do anything...I pretty much quit because good games should have more to do that JUST GRINDING and the hackers need to be taken care of. The 2d graphics are good though, but the rules need to be enforced better, specifically against hackers....there are nice people in the game which give it a semi-good community, but still, many players were immature and always ksing or  yellin at you to change  channels
  • DrTHDrTH Member Posts: 41
    the only reason i kept playing was because of my friends. i would've gotten bored at lvl 20 if my friends werent playing because every lvl i get i go back 2 school and we all brag about all the stuff we get and how much better than the others. But then my friends got bored and so did i so we left... so basically you just need real life friends to make you keep playing.... or you can just hack it... like me after lvl 35 XD
  • 12month12month Member Posts: 5
    Hey, I saw that ur lookin for a good game ur gf would like. I'd suggest flyff (fly for fun). It's a free to play game, with a cash shop where u can pay for extra stuff. I've played it for about 3 years now, and can give any help or advice needed if you want. Go to, or a good info site is which is run by mods and gm's (game masters) that is still under construction from a massive v7 update. v8 is coming out sometime within a few months, so hopefully they'll get more information faster than they did for the v7 one. You'd probably like flyff too judging from the list of games that were in ur post. Well, like i said, pm me if u have any questions, or need help in the game, I mainly play on the Mushpoie server, which u'll see when u login. PM me for my main char name if you do decide to play. Good luck
  • kionaykionay Member Posts: 4

    oh dude dont let these idiots put you down

    this guy is WAY over exagurating

    you start off alright

    then you get to meet more ppl and

    and i say this with every single ounce in my freggin body



    and yes a large majority fo the game is killing monsters

    but thres many fun ways to do it(with friends, in a pq, ect..)

    and the community is a lot better then what that idiot says

    he is only (and i quote my father) pissing and moaning about something because he isnt good at it

    this guy tahts complaining dont know how to avoid the sk'ers, he dont have enough experiance on how to make the game better and more fun to play this is why he is complaining

    trust me, you may not like it at first of, but eventually it'll grow on ya and you'll know how to make the game more fun

    how to avoid the ksers, how to avoid the hackers, ect ect

    and the gms are doing a very good job, there banning account left and right they appear on the screen in purple chat(i think) every once  a month with a long long list of ppl that have been banned

    so start playng and game(i recomend warrior class for begginers(as to go into at lvl 10)) you will get ksed every once in a while

    and you'll see a hacker (usually helping you by hacking all the monsters in the entire map to one spot( this is so the hacker can kill them withought effort) but YOU can kill these monsters just as easy as the hacker, thus he is helping both of you) and sometimes(not always) he will give himself an unfair advantage, but nothing big enough to where you never wanna play again

    so i hope everyone plays this game cause althoght some people can be jerks( and ths is human nature and is in every single mmorpg MADE) but everyone can find a way to have fun

    p.s. the game often patches to keep out hackers(there numbers are deminising) and sometimes there servers are down online so you have to wait( its never a long time at all)

    p.p.s. so all in all this is a great game and what the first guy said was way over exaggutaing cause he is just noob, play this game, and i promis you that is you pay till ur lvl 31-35 , THEN you make your decision as to where to keep playing the game or not, i promis you , that you will still want to play


  • 12month12month Member Posts: 5
    Heh, ur callin me an idiot, when u can't even spell kser right? Besides, chill out, it's a game, everyone has their own opinions about it, and no, i'm not just some stupid noob that sucks at it, i've had many chars and multiple accounts, but i just got sick of it after a while....btw, the hacking rate is actually going up mostly cause of one site that updates hacks to get past the new patches every single time, within a few hours of the patch being completed.
  • CrackinCrackin Member Posts: 10
    I honestly don't know why everyone thinks this game is such a grind, ALL MMORPGs are a big grind.
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  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,988
    I will say the maplestory is definantly diffrent from other mmo's in just the play style of it. The grind though ruined the game for me...far to much of a grind for me, if not for that id play the game.
  • LazykrnboiLazykrnboi Member Posts: 5
    I stopped playing at 50 because I got bored with PQ's.  The only reason I kept playing was because I had an awesome guild.  I got bored though.  Regarding hackers and stuff, I tried the korean version and it's 100x cleaner then Global.  

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  • KanaxaiKanaxai Member UncommonPosts: 120

    I played maplestory for a little bit, then took a break, then started up again. I was having a lot of fun at first...just killing these little snails........then i reached grind city, and quaint little town filled with mushrooms, mushrooms, and more mushrooms...a tree stump or jelly here or there...or  maybe even a snail. *gasp* I was killing all of its inhabitants then all of a sudden, I lvled! I heard it is very rare above level 40...


    the point i am trying to make is that this game is grinding, grinding, and more grinding...DONT PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rezzer33rezzer33 Member Posts: 8

    i played this game about a week and got bored and just deleted it completely of my computer....

    hard to lvl up, i hate 2D graphics and just boring....


    plz dnt get mad just sayin the truth

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