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UO is now easy to play! (for me)

sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

I feel I can now play the game like any normal MMORPG. I tried for so many years to get into it, but I never really pinpointed why I couldn't. I know it wasn't the graphics. It especially wasn't the game play. It was the UI. Kingdom Reborn's UI fixes so many problems the first one had. The graphics aside I think if they just implemented the new UI they could fix the problem a lot of newbies have with the game. You can jump right into the user interface without having read any manuals.

I don't think I will be giving up on the game anytime soon.

What do you think? Is the 2D UI better? Or does the new KR UI the problem that kept you from playing? Am I just an idiot who needs to eat a broken glass and nail sandwich?


  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804
    As far as I read the KR interface is incredibly buggy still.

    In a few months... seeing as it is EA give them 6 or more ...I would say KR might be ready and playable.

    2D is fine when you get used to the interface and use UOAssist, though I guess one day the KR interface might be better.

    As for not reading the manual, I just helped a cousin through wow who also refused to read the manual and then most interfaces are not that intuitive if you never played such a game before.

  • WagonerWagoner Member UncommonPosts: 92
    Yay, a gargoyle rididng a polar bear! It's sad what UO became considering at one time it was the best mmorpg experience I have ever had.
  • azgarthazgarth Member UncommonPosts: 188

    Glad you like it, it sure is a game where the role play part can be important, if you join the right guild or apreciate it. The 2D UI used to be a problem to me when i was a newbie, untill i realised i could drag my spell icons and align them. Many years have passed, and now I think the new UI wont have enought slots for me :p j/k 

    If I compare this new client with the 3D one, it's way better, and to be honest i might even get used to the new UI, since I don't realy use all my specials or spells, it's often the bolt and explosion, maybe a vortex or so, gate for party, greather heal and cure (poison). Warrior classes will have even less problems since they don't have a big spell book :)

    And no, don't you go eating those fancy foods, come to Spiritwood tavern and you will be properly served.


  • moogtropolismoogtropolis Member Posts: 23
    Originally posted by Wagoner

    Yay, a gargoyle rididng a polar bear! It's sad what UO became considering at one time it was the best mmorpg experience I have ever had.
    i totally agree. i dont know what it looks like now. but i tried UO a year ago. it was the sumarai expansion. and the game has went to absolute garbage..... and truely was one of the best experiences ever on a MMORPG

    starting from... Ultima Online, Odyssey Online Classic, Diablo, Faldon, EQ, Darkage of Camelot, Diablo II, EQ2, World of Warcraft, FFF, whats next for Moog? (trying EQ2 again...!)

  • dinanm3atldinanm3atl Member Posts: 215
    correct me if I am wrong but the User Interface in the box release of Ultima Online(IE cloth map etc) was extremely easy to use, was straight forward and made playing extremely fun and managable...

    I don't see the UI of 2d client being bad and what prevented you from playing before?

    EQ sux major ass compared to the UO for user interface

    Old Skool Ultima Online Junky
    Bring back the OLD UO so I can play again

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