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Any way to contact EME?

RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,375
Long story short, my original account email is no longer active. I want to play on TERA again, I had a Founder account, and I don't particularly want to lose it and start all over again.

I can log in, I remember my password, but it always kicks back to an Account Activation email to my original (now invalid) email. So while the account/password are correct, I can't actually get into the game, or get into account management to update my email.

I've sent about 3-4 tickets into their Support team over the course of the last month, but no reply. I suspect they are either just not answering anything (not entirely likely, but possible), or they are sending all correspondence to my old invalid email (which would be stupid, but likely, because the specific ticket is for invalid email updates).

Anyone know of any other way to get in touch with EME?
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