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PvE or PvP (poll)

gpettgpett Member Posts: 1,105

Time to revisit an old topic:


  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,988

    PvE, inspires unity amongst the player base

    pvp games people are assholes sometimes imo

  • CaesarsGhostCaesarsGhost Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,136



    PvP games are full of asshats normally.

    - CaesarsGhost

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  • ManestreamManestream Member UncommonPosts: 941

    Have to go with PvP

    PvE = eventual boredom and has nothing to break up the leveling grind and such.

    PvP = breaks up the grinding, slows down the boredom, and there is nothing like stalking another player for a kill. This can also backfire however.


    Still, i am waiting for a game with a decent PvP system to come out. So far all have failed on this and yes that also includes WoW.

  • SinentSinent Member Posts: 137

    pve but with pvp battlegrounds lets face it it aint fun getting ganked by rogues or folks invised and your in the middle of fighting a nasty its just ruins the game imho plus funny thing is even on wow all i see is folks 20 levels higher then a certain zone raiding the zone then leaving as soon as sides even up as far as levels go thats real skill a lvl 70 taking out level 16

    Some lead and some follow I prefer to stand beside!

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    This site is mostly home of PvP fans.


    That's been said, I always feel welcome nonetheless.  But the staff around, the peoples, the coverage, they looooove PvP.  This is fine.  I have nothing against PvP myself, as long as it doesn't infrige on PvE (see WAR for not understanding this point).

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • GinkeqGinkeq Member Posts: 615

    50% pve, 50% pvp.  One without the other is boring

  • Flyte27Flyte27 Member RarePosts: 4,574

    I think I prefer neither at the moment.  In the beggining in UO I was forced to PvP a lot and it was fun sometimes.  In EQ I had a lot of fun, but now the PvE has become a bit stale for me in most games.  At the moment I'm leaning more twords fast paced action games that don't require a lot of time.

  • thilliamthilliam Member Posts: 6

    100% PvP - but done better than anyone has ever done it before. No compromises, all your rewards through PvP, no level grind to become competitive, and player skill outweighs time played or gear.

    Oh wait, that's what we're doing with FURY;)

    Seriously though, I'm CEO and Exec Producer of FURY. Any PvPer should check us out and PvEers who hate mismatched fights and being ganked should check us out too!





    CEO, Auran Games

  • tylerwicktylerwick Member Posts: 446

    You forgot "Both"   Like DAOC I enjoy both the PvP aspects as well as PvE.   Im mixed.. Not voting for either

  • pyrofreakpyrofreak Member UncommonPosts: 1,481

    While a fan of both, I give the edge to PvP in this poll just because of the fact that you're fighting a real person and their strategies are constantly evolving.  NPCs, however, are scripted encounters that need only be learned once. Fighting the same NPC over and over leads to boredom. Fighting the same player over and over leads to both of you gaining experience, and unless the game is horribly unbalanced, can end in a win or loss each time.


    Note: Ganking annoys the hell out of me, and when I talk about PvP I don't necessarily mean consentual, but at least with the two parties on relatively equal footing.

    Now with 57.3% more flames!

  • bonobotheorybonobotheory Member UncommonPosts: 1,007
    Originally posted by pyrofreak

    While a fan of both, I give the edge to PvP in this poll just because of the fact that you're fighting a real person and their strategies are constantly evolving. 

    Fans of PvP say that a lot, but I always seem to face the same button-mashing retards in every battle. At least in a PvE encounter, I can gauge the difficulty of a mob by the numbers attached to it.  In a PvP fight, I just have to jump in and hope the player is one of those rare few who actually does something interesting.  I'd rather fight an artificial intelligence than a natural-born idiot.

  • nynnivanynniva Member UncommonPosts: 235

    I like both, but only when separated.

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  • RespyShuntRespyShunt Member Posts: 396

    I say PvE only because thats mainly what i do.  Im not really that good at PvP so i stay away from it.  It would be kinda cool though, an all PvP game, no NPC's except for say armor shop, weapons etc.  Kinda like PlanetSide but in MMO form.


  • gpettgpett Member Posts: 1,105

    I didn't include a both category because I wanted people to choose one option or another.  A third option would have muddied the results.

    I was expecting to see PvP in the minority.  Guess people are really rabbid for gams like WAR, AoC, Fury, TCoS, PotBS, and Huxley.  I know I can't wait for them to start releasing.  Will be an interesting 12 months.

  • RespyShuntRespyShunt Member Posts: 396

    Hey i gotta hand it to you.  All pvp's like fury look kinda cool.  And like a fps type game like Rakion is pretty good concept.


  • nazgullovernazgullover Member Posts: 3

    It depends on the game as to which I'll like better, however just one without the other gets a bit boring after a while.

  • KickphatKickphat Member Posts: 189

    I voted pvp but i like both just pvp little more as it is more of a challenge to play against a real player than an NPC

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