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How many players, which server?

RaekRaek Member Posts: 60
I just downloaded the game and played a little but I was wondering how many people play Shadowbane still?  I would like to get into it, but I don't want to just waste my time.

What's the most popular or best server?  I have a character on Redemption and one on Wrath.  Which server seems to be the most even or balanced and has the best pvp?


  • smcbsmcb Member Posts: 40
    The Mourning server is the most populated and active. They have removed the /Tar hot key set macrow from the game so PvP is ALOT of AoE classes. This last patch game some love to all the classes :).
  • ShazzelShazzel Member Posts: 472

    Mourning is also the WORST server for dupes, exploits, lag, downtime and FC gear. Not to mention the grandfather characters that Q FT uses. (cheats basicly)

    Course the other server arnt much better off, since the azn zerg is attemping to over-run their mapsets. Here is a short run down:


    Mourning - Most populated but over-ran with cheats,dupes,FC gear and grandfather toons. Ive played this server, its awful.

    Vindication - Loreplay, Nice mid population server, but the azn zerg is here in force. If the NA/EU allies lose the war this server could take a nose dive population wise.

    Wrath - Normal server, low-mid population.. Basicly they are in the same boat as Vindication. Havnt played here but I know the azn zerg (CN) has a strong foothold.

    Redemption - Server fell to the azns, low population. Dont expect to see any players here.

    Braillia - Server fell to the azns. low population. Dont expect to see any players here.




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