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NeblessNebless Member RarePosts: 1,395
I'm using a PC


- Quote doesn't work.

- Even if I log out on the Home page (and boy was it fun even FINDING the log out button), I'm still kind of logged in on the Forum page, in that it knows my name, but I can't post.  I can only post if I'm logged in on both pages.

- After I post on the forums, my old comment remains in the 'to post' box and I'm unable to do another post on that same thread.  I have to move away from that page and come back to clear the 'to post' box so I can continue posting.

Annoying things

- Give us back the Sweepstakes list on the Home page

SWG (pre-cu) - AoC (pre-f2p) - PotBS (pre-boarder) - DDO - LotRO (pre-f2p) - STO - GnH (beta tester) - SWToR - Neverwinter


  • MeddleMeddle Administrator UncommonPosts: 755
    Thanks for the reports.

    1. Quote bug is known and we're working to identify the issue there.  For now you can click Toggle HTML view on the editor and then quote works.  Not ideal but it's a work around until resolved.

    2 & 3 Will test

    4. Will be adding giveaways and sweeps to the homepage shortly.

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

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