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wreatchwreatch Member UncommonPosts: 54

Sinister Tyrants are a small, relaxed, close knit group who's core has been around since 1998 Ultima Online.

We aim to enjoy all aspects of the game, although we are mainly known for our PvP prowess, our David vs. Goliath anti-zerg mentality, and our ability to weave ourselves into the political machinations of most games we play.

We will stay as small as the game will allow us to be while still staying viable, drama free, and committed to a relaxed, casual vibe.

We all have jobs, kids, and some of us are still stuck with our wives ...we do understand we are in this to have fun, and not win at the cost of it.

 That being said, we are used to winning. Our legend was born in Ultima Online, and has spanned countless MMORPG's since. From Shadowbane to Lineage II to EQ I & II, to Darkfall I & II ...and many, many more. We are on primarily from 7pm est to 2am est, although that will increase and expand if this game is worth the time.

We are looking for a couple dozen people with like minds, please consider joining us: https://discord.gg/gff5ykR

Do not go into the light

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