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ATM Machine deposit at your own risk.

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,119

Something that has really upset me a gamer, and a warning to people who use ATM Machines to deposit cash.

I recently made a deposit at a local bank for $510, the ATM Machine Returns quite a few bills, I click to add more cash and put the cash back in the machine and  the machine accepts the cash back but only credits my account with $402 which I am missing $108 of my money.

Things to note which likely lead to deposit problems occur more often.

1.) Almost every ATM Machine tells you you can insert many 20-30 bills at once however if you deposit mixed denominations into the ATM out of order for example $1, $20,$5,$10's without sorting them the ATM Machines will often return cash or give errors when counting the money I have found this out from making many deposits using the ATM that it often returns cash when putting in cash out of order rather than putting in ten $20 bills or something.

2.) Banks do not want to give you the cash back currently I am in a huge dispute with my bank despite the fact they have me on security camera making a deposit of cash they debate the ATM machine is working and there is no problem, however  I know there is a problem because after doing research on Google, there is a lot of complaints about lost currency when making a deposit through an ATM Machine. 

Currently I am requesting actual logs or proof that there is no errors with the ATM Machine, however I doubt they will provide the actual documents proving exactly what I want to see to prove that there was no problem, after calling the corporate bank one person tells me the ATM's Legir balanced just fine everything was correct but reported an error, the second time I call after talking to local branch they tell me no errors or anything. (The copy of the complaint response tells me they will show me these.)

However in the end you have to ask yourself what type of security the ATM has to determine who deposit what.

. The ATM has a legir, however it doesn't Label peoples money deposits.

. The ATM won't protect from dishonest people when they might open it and find money stuck in it that didn't get counted keeping it for themselves.

. They have a camera that can show a deposit but its limited evidence

. You can file a police report or lawsuit, however the problem with this is lack of evidence of how much you deposit and claim was lost.

This happened to me twice actually, once over a year ago however the ATM retained money gave a receipt with an error code that time so it wasn't a problem this time it is.

ATM's are great, but they need some type of insurance to the consumer, and a warning to tell people what will happen if they lose money they might not get it back or will have to wait weeks.

http://www.nbcdfw.com/investigations/Woman-Fights-Bank-After-She-Says-Money-Eaten-by-ATM-292101931.html While this seems to be most recent all ATM's that have a deposit function seem to make mistakes not limited t o one specific bank.

On a off topic note, I would be aware of using "RFID" credit cards which seem to be becoming popular today are not secure, its easy for hackers to obtain information however its not allowed for me to post links to specific details on this Google is your friend to finding the latest news on such information.


Just had to say something while others have lost more money than me on my deposit I am fairly upset because now I have to wait another week  4 days to pay  for all my gaming accounts because they will be due soon, and I would not want to see others run into this similar problem.


  • AlanPOAlanPO Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    as for me I don't rely on atm machines

    by the way, is it possible to rely on a machine that you don't even know what it consists of?
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