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Online poker is rigged... but...

...Everyone knows that.  But is there any way to actually play a legit game of Hold 'Em online?  I just want to practice against actual people in a real money environment (because people do not play realistically with play money when all you have to do is click one button to reload your stack). So far I've been very disappointed.

I put $20 into pokerstars and after about 8 hours of play I started to see how rigged it is.  Clearly they feed the fish miracle rivers to keep them calling (AKA, increasing the rake) while punishing people who actually know how to play by enticing bets with good starting hands, only to fleece with improbable runners.  Then there's the whole house-bot issue...  calling on nothing all hand and then the RNG gives it the miracle.  Brilliant scam... if it wasn't so obvious.

The money I put in is meaningless compared to everything I spend for video games every month.  (For the record, I still have the $20 I put in.)  Win, lose, break even, I don't care as long as the game was real.  I'm just really frustrated because I actually want to practice realistic poker from the comfort of my home and it seems that there is no way to do this.   Any thoughts/experiences with this?



  • ScrimMalteseScrimMaltese Member Posts: 469

    The only way to play legit is to play Double-Up Tournaments. They are a completely different style of play, but since everyone buys in, the house rake doesn't change. It's pretty high there anyway, but there is no reason for them to cheat. Pokerstars has it, and I think their buyins start at the $2 range.

    I actually never thought of it that way, but I can see where you're coming from. I got up about 500% what I put in, playing Double-Up, but I lost it all within a day playing cash games. I haven't played in years because of it, but I noticed that the fish would consitantly get major hands, while giving the TA players very good hands as well. I saw way too many High Straight's on a flop, where a TA would get like a QK and a Fish would get a KA at the exact same time, or even worse, the TA would gte a KA but the fish would get a 89 of the same suit, giving them a straight flush. And as TA, you don't really pay much attention to what the fish bet, you just see it as more money when you're holding a 10-A straight off the flop. IRL, you're going to win like 98% of the time or something like that.

    But, if you want to win in a Double-Up, the basic strategy is to play extremely TA, then wait for your strike and take a huge pot. Once you get a huge pot, you just sit back and let other's throw away their money. Top 5 out of 10 get double what they put in.  

    Don't try to push anyone out. You'll lose more than you win. Trust me on that one. lol. Let other players push other's out.

    The only problem with playing Double-Up is when you don't get a fish into the last 6. When there is 1 person left to get out, games can get extremely long. I've had games last 3+hrs, until I finally decided to just throw it in on a half decent hand just to end the game. Sometimes, winning $5-10 isn't so sweet when it takes so long to get.

    But if you can get a huge lead, like say 80% of the chips, and you're confident enough in your ability to read players, sometimes you can make games end fairly quickly by forfeiting part of that pot to a fish when there are 7 players left and one of them is about to go out. You have to be confident in your ability though, sometimes it may be hard to fold 3 A's, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    All you want, is for that fish to last that other player out, so when it comes down to 6 players you can let other players end the game quickly. Because, the fish is either going to go out fast, or have the weight behind him to take someone else out if he gets a lucky draw. 

    In Double-Up Tournaments, the fish can generally last pretty long if they get lucky. All they really need to do is win a major pot and since everyone plays very Tight, it's hard to get him to give up some of that weight.


    The biggest tip I can give you to playing DU Tournaments, is to read alot of guides and take them all with a grain of salt. Design your own strategies based around beating those guides. The only thing you really need to take from them is playing extremely tight agressive. What I said above, is one of my strategies, I am in no way a professional player, but then again I don't think Professional players play DU. lol. Like I said, DU is not the same as cash games or even last man standing tournaments. Same rules, completely differnet game. 

    Also, if you end up getting good, stick to the lower buyin tables and play alot of them. With higher buyin tables, most of the players understand the game, making them last extremely long. Anything over $25, you pretty much have NO fish. Personally, I stuck to everything below $25 and played a couple games at a time.  $10 was usually my max, but I probably played more $5s than anything else. $5 is a happy medium. 

  • Izzy77Izzy77 Newbie CommonPosts: 3
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